I finally got to enjoy a little bit of my home this past weekend. Zachary came to visit the city for the very first time (ever!), and I acted as a little tour guide for him. The 100 degree weather was not the best to be out in. Actually, it was pretty awful. Can I please just say that I am so ready for the fall? This heat is not my friend. We started the day off near Washington Square Park, a place I spend a lot of time since I work right near Union Square. During the afternoon, we escaped the nasty weather for awhile and visited the MET. I was super excited to see the Prada and Schiaparelli exhibit, Impossible Conversations. You must go check it out! We ventured on to Central Park and Battery Park. To end the night, we enjoyed pizza at one of my favorite spots near Times Square. Yeah, we actually entered that horrible tourist trap. It was a well spent Saturday, despite the nasty heat. There is more to come about the rest of my weekend!

Now, here's to another work week. I think we can all agree that Mondays are never fun. 

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