What a week so far. Is it seriously only Wednesday night? It feels like these past three days have been a total of three weeks. I'm ready for an ice cold margarita and a blanket on a beach that I can lay on all day. Unfortunately, I do not see that happening for me anytime soon. Super jealous of my roommate that is probably doing just that as we speak (in Hawaii!).

I remember the time I used to have to put into my blog here, and sadly I have not gotten much of that lately. The city and work have taken me away from you all, and I don't like it one bit. How do all you bloggers out there maintain a full-time job and a personal blog? Please teach me your ways. Despite the lack of posting lately, I promise I will eventually get back into the swing of things and update you more.

P.S. - 100 degree weather, please go away and stay away.

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