Like I mentioned before, this past weekend at home was spent watching Portfolio in Motion at my alma mater (Marymount University). This year's theme of Gilded Forest was amazing, not to mention I lusted after many of the designs that came down the runway. Unfortunately, I arrived a little late and did not get the greatest seat. Wish I could have gotten more pictures of my own to share with you all. Only snapped this one of the gorgeous backdrop. There is good news, though. You can see pictures of the entire show on PIM's flickr. Also, check out the Instagram feed for #PIM2012 here. Great job to all the students who were involved in putting together the show this year!

P.S. - I was so happy to be reunited with my best friend Marcy. Being six hours from each other now is no fun. And, congrats to her for finishing up her junior year tonight!

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