Silver mixed with stripes | Union Square meets springtime | Potstickers + edamame from Trader Joe's | Random Brooklyn building | City lights | My start to every morning

As an Android user, this week has been oh so exciting. Instagram is finally here for us non-iPhone people! My 'Snapshots' posts will be looking a little different now. Be prepared for yet some more change. Also, you can follow me on Instagram at forfiloveme. I will be glad to follow you back! And yes, Instagram will be new 
addiction (if it isn't already).

Sorry for the lack of posting these past few days. Life has kept me pretty busy, and I kind of put my blog on the back burner without realizing it. It's 1:30 AM, and I just got to my parent's house in Maryland a few hours ago. Wanted to quickly post a few of my Instagram shots before getting some shuteye. Got to be up early in the morning for a little fun in my hometown. Looking forward to this Easter weekend back in
Frederick! Now, sleep, I need you.


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