My weekend in New York City was highlighted with meeting four of my favorite bloggers. I spotted them on the streets of SoHo after an event at Topshop. Thought the event started at 8, but it actually ended at 8. Total fail on my part! Oh well. I was excited to still have the opportunity to talk with them and lust after their perfect style. They ended up giving me some gift cards they were gifted with from Topshop and said to enjoy! Not sure if that was a hint that I needed a different outfit (haha) or they truly weren't gonna use them. Either way, it was sweet of them!

From left: Bonnie Barton of Flashes of Style, Dylana Saurez of Color Me Nana, Natalie Saurez of Natalie Off Duty, and Claire Geist of De Lune

Make sure to follow them. You won't regret it. They all have fabulous clothes.. and fabulous lives. Hopefully our paths will cross again! Thanks for being such an inspiration, girls! xoxo

P.S. -- I am so envious of Dylana and Bonnie's lives in Philly. Their photos make me want to move there even more.


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