Thought I would post some photos of my grandmother and mother in honor of today. I am becoming more and more like both of them each day. And, it's a bit scary.. haha. Thinking of my Nanny today and missing her a lot. She was one crazy woman, and I have many people to back me up on that. Above is a picture of her when she was younger. What a beauty! Missing my mom too, since I am currently on the opposite side of the States. Each day I am thankful for both of these wonderful ladies. Nanny lived her life to the fullest, and she was the biggest chocoholic on the planet. My mom is probably the person I have the most fun with. She is also the most giving person I have met, and I love coming home to presents on my bed! Maybe in August there will be a huge pile.. haha, just kidding.

Happy Mother's Day!


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