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Last week, Marymount held their annual fashion show Portfolio in Motion. As a merchandising student, I was required to be involved with the planning process as well as work at the shows. My duties were involved with the public relations team and backstage management. It was a ton of work, but worth it! 

This year was titled "Cirque Noir," which steered in a totally different direction than any other year. I must say that it was a huge success! The design students did an awesome job with their garments, and I posted some of my favorites above. There was a variety of different looks from the designers. My favorite was a senior designer's line. She created long dresses that hooked up the entire back and had a belt attached with real horse hair (yes, real horse hair!). One of them was even a quick change garment backstage.. that was rough. They were so different and innovative; I loved them! Also, the Product Development class last fall was required to create tennis wear lines. In the end, they were reviewed by Cotton, Inc. One garment from each team was seen in the show. This coming fall when I am in the class, I will be creating cruise wear. Exciting! 

Marymount's Designer of the Year award went to Junko Yoshioka. Robin Givhan also received the Excellence in Fashion Journalism award.

Congratulations to all of those involved with the show as well as the senior designers!
Check out a lot more "Cirque Noir" photos here and read more about the show on the PIM website.


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