Thought I would share this awesome new charity with you. My very good friend linked me to it probably because of my love for Paris! However, I have read and learned more about the work Amour Infini is doing. I'm rather impressed! In case you were wondering, "Amour Infini" means "Love Forever." They strive to get this simple message out: love is a gift! That couldn't be more true. Here is a bit of info from their website: "The charity will provide scholarships for talented students that do not have the financial means to follow university studies. The vision of this charity is to raise excellent leaders that will transform their own country. Our ambitious challenge is to raise 1,000,000 Euros by 2014 to fund our scholarships." 

Please stop by their site here to find out even more info. You can buy these t-shirts for only $19 and help a future student reach their dreams!


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