the most stylish at paris fashion week

images via Craig Arend

New York Magazine's fashion blog, The Cut, just released their two parts of the most stylish people at Paris Fashion Week. I picked out my favorites from the 49 total that were captured. Craig Arend did an amazing job snapping the photos of the different Fashion Week goers. Make sure to check out all of the rest!

From top left: 1 Louise Ebelle and Alix Bancourt, bloggers, from Paris. 2 Mia Stoelen, blogger, from Norway. 3 Karl Edwin Guerre, www.swagger360.blogspot.com, from Brooklyn. 4 Jacquelyn Jabolonski, model, from New Jersey. 5 Tati Cotliar, model, from Argentina. 6 Daisy Yu, publicist for ChloƩ, from New York. 7 Anne Catherine, fashion student, from Paris. 8 Sama and Haya Khadra, buyers for Art of Living in Dubai, from Dubai. 9 Andy Torres, blogger, from Amsterdam.


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