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A. You are a fashion blogger if:

1. You have more photos of yourself than of anyone else.
2. You receive more e-mails starting with "Hello Blogger" than with your own name.
3. Your life was incomplete without a Mulberry bag, an Alexander Wang T-shirt, YSL Arty Rings and Jeffrey Campell's Litas. (If you own all four items and you live in Italy then you're definitely a blogger).
4. You find it rather normal that someone stops you on the street asking "to take a photo of your outfit." In fact, you dream for this to please, please happen.
5. Your heart skipped a beat—and you wanted to throw a party—when you reached your first 10, 100, 1000 (etc.) followers.
6. You often feel the urge to say to your Facebook or Twitter followers that "a new post is coming soon". (Just in case they couldn't manage their withdrawal symptoms anymore...).
7. You forced yourself to try out a DIY project. In particular: In 2009 you spent hours shredding a T-shirt (of course regretting the fateful moment you once decided to start this). In 2010 you drew cat silhouettes on a shirt collar or on some old shoes pretending they looked exactly like Miu Miu's ones.
8. You write at least 15 posts each time a new H&M designer collaboration collection is out: "Name of the Designer revealed" post, "First photo of the campaign" post, "Second campaign photo" post, "My favorite photos of the campaign" post, ...)

B. You are NOT a fashion blogger if:
1. You never asked anybody to "please HYPE" your look.
2. You have no clue what Bloglovin is.
3. You never had to make that difficult choice between .blogspot and .wordpress.
4. You use the words "post," "outfit," "comments" and "dear followers" fewer than 10 times a day.
5. You have never been asked in an interview, "Who are your favorites bloggers?" or "What's the future of fashion blogging?" (Bloggers receive questions about blogging or other bloggers only. Seems they are not qualified enough to have personal thoughts on any other topic).
6. You do not have at least four accounts on these social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Formspring, Lookbook, Chictopia, Weardrobe, Chicismo, Hypeed, Polyvore...
7. You do not own a Reflex camera. Or you do own one but with no pocket-boyfriend-photographer included.
8. You did not open your own online shop. You do not have a portrait of you drawn by Danny Roberts. You haven't got a T-shirt or any other item named after you. You never sat in the front row at a fashion show.
Or, if none of these have happened but you really wished they would have... then you are a fashion blogger.

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