new year's ink

Tattoo on New Year's Eve! Finally got it, after wanting to do it since the summertime. I decided when returning from Europe, it was time! My dad thinks I am going through some sort of crisis, after getting blue hair and now a tattoo. It's not that, but it's because I want to accomplish everything I've always wanted to do. Life is short, right?

I wanted this tattoo because By His Wounds is my favorite song; check it out. After being my favorite song, it became even more significant to me because it was played at Francie and the kids funeral. The meaning of this song changed when I stood in the church at the funeral and heard this being played. I could listen to this song probably 200 times in a row and never get sick of it. I wrote a blog back in the summertime about this if you want to read it.

Happy New Year!

Always remember to follow your heart.


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