birthday time

Jealous of these, ugh. Maybe one year I will implement these ideas, hopefully! (hint, hint, Mrs. Sipes!) So cute though, right?

Here are some things I wish that I would have gotten this birthday. But, hey, if you are still thinking of being generous to me.. here you go. Haha. I WANT A PUPPY! Ahhh look at how adorable this one is. I am being so unrealistic though, but I can still wish! I want one that never grows, and I want to name her Coco. (or him? haha) Oh, and I am loving these Vivienne Westood/Melissa short rainboots. I first saw them at the fashion textile museum in Paris and fell in love with them. They have different styles, colors, etc. I am obsessed, and I want to own a pair so bad! I think the classic black pair are the cutest, but the other styles are adorable too!

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  1. I hope you had a wonderful birthday! Who knows, I might surprise you yet!!