avoiding finals

I am sitting in my apartment trying to avoid doing work for finals. Therefore, instead, I want to share what I have been up to lately. There is snow outside covering the streets and sidewalks. It literally snowed all afternoon. Maybe I should go measure how much is outside. All I know is that it was such a pain walking home from school today. For the fact that all the sidewalks were slush and my boots were slipping everywhere (not the best choice to wear today). Christmas decorations have taken over my apartment, with even more to come. A Chrismukkah party is planned for next week right before I depart for America, so I will show pictures of the decorations then.

This past weekend I visited a park I have been wanting to see, Parc de Buttes Chaumont. It was very pretty, especially since there was snow on the ground then too. I saw a great view of the city from the top; I don't think I can fall more in love with Paris. This city has become my home, and I wish I was not leaving (did I just remind myself that I am leaving?). There were kids sledding in the park, and I am determined to do the same before I leave.. haha. With all this snow, it has to be possible!

On Monday, we took an excursion to the production room of the designer Georges Rech. This was one of my favorite things we did as a class the whole semester. I think it's because I saw fashion up close, with people doing the hard work that is put into collections. It was really awesome and inspiring to see. I have no doubt in my mind that I have chosen the right career path. We met the artistic director and saw the stylists, pattern makers, interns, and seamstresses all working together for one goal. They were working on the Fall/Winter collection for 2011. I will not spill any secrets about it, but it looked really good so far! We were offered a chance to intern there in the future, after getting experience in the industry. Who knows.. I might end up back in Paris. I know that is something I want and would love!

I took one of my finals today and turned in a research paper. Two finals and a presentation to go. I am trying to be excited, but that only means I will be leaving my home here. Exactly why I am avoiding it..

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