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I can't believe how fast time is flying; it's a depressing thought. Paris feels like home, and I never want to leave this city. In December, I will definitely enjoy seeing everyone back home. However, I know after a week or two I will want to move back to Paris. I remember when I first thought about studying abroad; I wanted it to be a time for me to learn and grow. With my time here, I desired to figure out life's many questions. Where will I end up after I graduate? What is the plan for my life? I am still so unsure, but I feel like Paris has shown me a lot. I could definitely see myself living in Europe. It's so different here, and most of the time it's a good different. I have loved stepping out in faith and into a whole different culture. I have accomplished my biggest dream. It's an amazing thought, and something I am so very thankful for.

Midterm work is about to kick my butt; I have spent my week preparing for all of it. It's time to get all of it done! This past week, I enjoyed exploring Paris even more. On Monday, Marcy and I went to Palais Royal. I had gone there with my French class, but I wanted to take her there to see it. It's beautiful gardens and fountains. There are shops with apartments above. My teacher said people try so hard to get an apartment there, but they are so limited. They go on a waiting list for when someone moves out. When we were walking through the modern part of the gardens, we saw a newly married couple getting photographs. It makes me think about getting married in Paris; how amazing would that be? I want to fall in love in this city! I spent my Tuesday night in a pub watching the France vs. Luxembourg soccer match. It's so funny to see Europeans watch soccer because it's just the same as us Americans watching football. I discovered the Latin Quarter finally in Paris and spent three nights in a row there. Marcy and I tried out French-style "Chipotle." We walked in, and the owner was extremely nice while explaining how the menu worked. I told him that his restaurant makes me think of Chipotle. He replied, "Chipotle is all the way at the top, but it's the same idea here." I am glad he recognized Chipotle with the respect it deserves.. haha. We created a burrito and enjoyed every bite. Chipotle is the top dog like he said, but this is as close as we can get here in Paris. After dinner, we went to see The Social Network. I must say it was a very interesting movie and even intense at some parts. It was kind of slow, but still a good movie. Can't beat the 4.50euro student ticket price!

I saw an amazing view of the city from the Pompidou. It was awesome; I literally stood there and just looked at the skyline. The Eiffel Tower stood tall and proud. I loved it; true happiness is setting in. Haute Couture class ventured us on two excursion this week. On Wednesday, we went to the Tuilleries and walked around. We saw many designer stores, including 31 rue Cambon (Chanel's first store). Helpful tip: you must say the address instead of just Chanel when talking about it. We also went to Carnavalet for the second time today. I enjoyed an American breakfast back at the diner with Lana and Marcy this morning. I got a veggie omelet and of course endless coffee. Mmm.. never lets me down.

My night is being spent drinking Teavana and listening to music. Trying not to think about the exams I have on Monday, but I probably should be.. ugh. I'd rather write. This night reminds me of the ones I spent during the summer back home.


Here are some of my favorite quotes from my calendar this week and the song I have repeated three times in a row (my brother, Christopher, played it at my grandfather's funeral):

Our talents are the gift that God gives to us. What we make of our talents is our gift back to God.

All the wisdom in the world is childish foolishness in comparison with the acknowledgment of Jesus Christ.

Things I prayed for when I was young
That my father would love me like his only son
That my mother would be patient with me that my sister would not leave
And if my grandpa could see me beyond his grave
That he'd think his little man was so great
That my hair would not stick up in weird places
And I'd be someone someday

Years go by so easily that sometimes I forget
Years go by and make me see that there's no time for my regret
No time for my regret

Things I prayed for in my teens
That God would forgive all my evil deeds
That my father and sister would come home
And mom could meet our needs
And if my grandpa could see my beyond his grave
That he'd say a prayer for his family's sake
That my hair would stick up in weird places
And I'd be someone someday

Things I pray for now in my twenties
That God would still love me and Dad would like his new family
That I could hug my sister that my mom could rest
That my wife would still melt every time we kiss
And if my grandpa has seen my beyond his grave
How cold and silent he has remained
That my hair would not fall out in weird places
And I'd be someone someday

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