It's been a whole week since my last post, wow. Someone should vote me the worst blogger ever. I was at the beach (OBX blog post coming soon), but I am back to reality and back to my blog!

Today was an interesting day; most likely just an off day after getting back. There was a lot to do at the store, as always. Clothes, handbags, jewelry everywhere. Consigner appointments, pricing, and tagging. I changed the window and had the hardest freaking time with it. No inspiration whatsoever. I threw together some random summery/beachy looks. The weather has been crazy insane, and people need lightweight basics to keep cool! I decided to go all out with Lilly Pulitzer, haha. I am still asking myself why. Everything Lilly! It actually sells like crazy at the store; we have like two full racks of the bright colored garments. Not proud of my work at all today, but it's whatever. With a consignment store, there is not a whole lot to work with. What a blah day..

Enjoy my poor fashion work.

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